Monday, January 22, 2007

Still very, very cold

Must have been around minus 9 this morning, celsius, Thats 15.8 Fahrenheit.
According to the Fahrenheit - Celsius converter.

I deserve a medal....for leaving my warm bed and its contents and getting up and going to work.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Learn Swedish

New Years resolution

I like easy resolutions that I know I can keep.

So my resolution for 2007 is that I won't start smoking!
No matter how much peer pressure I m subjected to.

: D

I'm addicted to


Monday, November 20, 2006


lol....I feel Pollyannaish today too..

I'm even loving the rain....there's something about rain that's very forgiving. I like when the world takes on a sombre resonates with the sombre notes in me.
Phew *shakes head*....Don't know where that came from.

Anyway, all is clear...and I feel like this week has finally caught up with me. I will actually get work done today, after I've finished blogging. Yesterday I just sat here in a haze going "what am I doing at work"?

Today I m gonna roll up my sleeves.....on my t-shirt:) and actually do some cataloguing, I think, for starters and then have some tea. Sounds like a game plan.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Havent written anything for a looong while

simply because I've been too darned happy. I actually make people turn around after me on the streets because I can't help smiling. And....since I m so happy and smiley I've noticed how people are stuck with this social mask that is quite grim. Nobody smiles, everybody looks superbusy as they clutch their suitcases and hurry off to work.

Come on!, Lighten up!.....I wanna shout at all those busy bees scurrying off to work. They all look like they are heading off to their executions. "It's a beautiful day, smell the roses"...OK, maybe I am being a little obnoxious, but I am truly feeling great. My health is improving daily, my beloved is beautiful and I have finally found peace at home after our move to a new flat.

Seriously folks, it won't kill ya to crack a smile....

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Arbeit macht frei? Nein!

Interesting quote by Heinlein, Chris.
I just don't belong to that school. My idea about work is summed up by this quote.

I, the unwilling
Led by the unknowing
Am doing the impossible
For the ungrateful
I have done so much
With so little
For so long
I am now qualified to do anything
With nothing.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Family stuff

Now that I am weaning myself off the web, a friend told me I have an obligation to at least post to my blog so here goes.

We spent the weekend at my parents. My dad turned 65 this week, which is the official age of pension here in Sweden. So we threw him a Senior Citizen party yesterday. The entire family congregated at my parents - these days that means we were about 24 people. We ate and sang and told stories about our family. Great fun.

Today we are off to another party - this one with cousins and friends - its a "Cling to the fact its still summer" - party. The last hurrah for many of us before we have to head back to work and everyday routine. I've already been back to work for a week - and it truly, truly sucks. I want to be a pensioneer am I supposed to stand working for another 30 years is beyond me.

I made a toast yesterday at my dad's party. To our family and the fact that we are all still here, still together. I think its pretty amazing and we should all count ourselves blessed. They may annoy me at times, but at least they are still here to annoy "familigia".

Sunday, May 21, 2006

It's my birthday

So it's my birthday. 35 Years ago I was being pushed into this world and born at precisely 11:29 a.m.
I am sure I left the womb quite reluctantly although my mother always complained that it was an easy birth. Why was she complaining? Well, you see, my dad wasn't allowed in the delivery room when my two older brothers had been born, so my birth was the first he witnessed first hand.

My mom had a particularly bad time giving birth my brother Mickey since she was delivered in Sweden and she didn't know the language. They told her not to push and she pushed...apparently that's not very good. Anyway, She had prepared my dad for a horrible scenario and then I was born in just 4 hours with hardly no effort at all. Giving my dad the entirely wrong idea of child birthing.

Oh well...35 ! It's ok, I had some pre-birthday angst, but it's only a number isn't it really?
And if all else fails...there's always Botox :)

It's also our 19th anniversary today. Which just blows my mind! Life just flashes by in a second!
We will commemorate it in our usual way.... ;) and then we are off for a little weekend rendezvous. (((Nathan, A.V.O!)))